We've laid the foundation for first contact and charted a path into the unknown. We're building open source so you can help us make contact.

Here is a ROADMAP of what we've achieved already, and what is yet to come!

Voltaku was born in 2020

Optioned the rights to the award-winning Killtopia graphic novels

Awarded an EPIC MegaGrant

Received active support from industry leaders as we pursue full Raytracing in Real-Time

Acquired proprietary VTubing software

Showcased Real-Time Raytracing Solution at NVIDIA GTC 2022

Released Virtual Production proof of concept

2D VTube-ready Koshiro Avatar Drop

Open Source Pipeline Tools Drop

3D Kaiju Cola Drop

3D Game-ready Koshiro Avatar Drop

Planet Volta immersive venue opens

Killtopia Pilot Drop