The more people stay glued to the spectacle, the fewer rights and services they demand, the more money is funneled to the top. Sound familiar?

But there is one group in this kleptocratic hellscape dedicated to eradicating the corruption that underpins the Killtopia influencer economy: KOSHIRO-23.

K-23 is an anti-government 'hacktivist' group that operates in the deep web shadows, working to take the whole rigged Wrecker game down - while also helping those in the lower wards get the Rot-shots they so desperately need.

...and K-23? They are YOU.

We're equipping our community with open source tools to help their avatars infiltrate the Metaverse and keep the Rot at bay.

Each 2D Koshiro will be fully rigged and come equipped with our proprietary VTubing app. Additionally, we're releasing to our community - and the world at large - our very own open source avatar maker, LayerCake, so the Koshiro community can branch out beyond the horizons of Killtopia.

> No, we're not /going/ to do these things...

> We've already *done* them.

> And we're currently in residency at Autodesk to create an open source Universal Avatar Descriptor (UAD) system - so the traits that make each Koshiro unique can be ported from one world to another in the Metaverse.

> Revenues from this Genesis drop will be used to push our tech stack forward as we migrate from the 2D interactive world to the 3D interactive world and begin development on the Killtopia pilot.

> _

Koshiro will be available for purchase in Q4 of 2022. We will be using the Ethereum blockchain to track these assets, so avatars may be purchased natively in ETH or via debit card using trusted third-party payment systems such as MoonPay. Stay tuned to this website or our social media links for updated information such as price and mint date!
Yes, there will be a presale list.
Yes, there will be a public mint. The ratio of presale to public is TBD.
Imagine it's 1928 and an upstart animation company called Walt Disney Studios is busy working on a project called Steamboat Willy. What if Disney decided to release a limited batch of assets from the project early so its community could participate in what the studio was building? Well, owning a Koshiro is kinda like that. It means you're one of a few people who were there at the dawn of building a Metaverse-native studio from the ground-up. It means you are a believer not only in Voltaku but also in an open and inclusive Metaverse. It means you're in this for the long-haul. It means you're a visionary. And to support this vision, each 2D Koshiro comes VTube-ready so these early members can meet up and talk to each other in the Metaverse. Beyond that? 2D Koshiro holders will have privileged access to all future Voltaku efforts - both 2D and game-ready 3D alike.
We are still working on this with our collaborators at Genetic Chain, but a likely scenario may be that metadata and representative static images will be hosted on IPFS or ARWeave whilst auxiliary files such as rig files or animated assets will be hosted in a central repository.
The Koshiro will be rigged using Cubism Live2D, whose files can be used with our proprietary plugins as well as popular tools such as Animaze and VTubeStudio, or even game engines such as Unity.
We plan to implement an open source virtual camera which can be selected throughout applications such as Discord, Zoom, etc. In this way, Koshiro can socialize using third party platforms.
Killtopia is an award-winning anime and video game inspired cyberpunk comic series created by Dave Cook (author) and Craig Paton (artist) and published by BHP Comics. Starting with Volume 3, Clark Bint took over the artistic reins from Craig. Voltaku Studios Inc optioned the rights to Killtopia in 2020 with a mission to transform the 2D comic into a 100% virtually produced TV series in Unreal Engine.
A Medium article will be posted soon detailing all the Licensing Rights to the Koshiro.
Virtual Production refers to a filmmaking or animation technique whereby performances are captured in real-time on a virtual set using film-ready assets within a game engine. This allows the production team to see the final frame (or a close approximation of it) during production, which is a very fast and flexible medium allowing studios to reduce costs and turnover time while keeping the image quality high.
VTubing is an abbreviation for 'virtual YouTubing', a virtual production practice whereby an animated persona is puppeteered in real time (and often streamed live) by a performer.